Best Buy in Wilton Manors Real Estate

1432 NE 27th Street, Wilton Manors, FL

It is rare that when a Wilton Manors Home for Sale is promoted as “absolutely the best value in east Wilton Manors” for us to agree but in the case of 1432 NE 27th Street, Wilton manors, Fl this may actually be the case.  As the Wilton Manors Real Estate market continues to tighten this home may actually be a case where a recent price reduction, and the markets increased activity has caused the seller and the market to meet.

This home was sold as a foreclosure in 2007 for $200,000 needing as the listing said some, “TLC”. From the old photographs we can tell that the new owners did much more than that just a little “TLC”. The home which in 2007 was sold as a three bedroom, one bath house today is listed as a three bedroom, two and a half bath home. The kitchen is new and I am sure when we visit the home the owner will only be too glad to walk you through the renovations that were done over the last five years.

A year and half prior to being sold in 2007 this home sold for $400,000, clearly close to the peak of the market. On June 13th of this year the homeowner took a $20,000 price reduction to the $279,000 price it is listed at today. This makes it one of the least expensive three bedroom/two bath homes in east Wilton Manors.  In east Wilton Manors Real Estate today there are 29 homes on the market with the highest listing price at $789,000. Currently there are 19 homes listed in pending sale, and over the last 30 days 12 have closed in east Wilton Manors.  These statistics clearly show that the east Wilton Manors Real Estate market is extremely healthy and prices are heading up.

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